Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Student Art Show

So...we're having this big jurored student art show at school this week.

They're offering cash prizes and it was really selective. For about every 5 pieces entered only 1 was selected into the show and then from that group they've chosen winners by category.

So...I submitted my midterm from Color Theory that I did last semester. The project was to make a self-portrait out of a "found object" sort of mixed-media thing. So I...sadly...cut up an old Hawkman trade of mine that I loved dearly and turned it in. So my professor loved it and now uses pictures of it as his example for the newer classes and later told me it was his favorite. When the art show came around he threatened to find me and hurt me if I didn't submit it to the show.

So I submit it and it gets accepted and he swears up and down that I have a great chance to win one of the prizes. And now I find out that the posters went up yesterday all around the art department and close areas of campus..and they used a close up of my piece as the poster. Wicked...freaking...awesome.

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